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Enterprise Video Portal

The Uvault® Online video Platform is surely an end-to-end company support to publish reside and recorded movie streams online. The system presents basic but effective world-wide-web primarily based management resources, a scalable world wide streaming media community, and also a custom-made cross machine participant.

online video portal

The Uvault Video clip Platform offers a simple interface to deal with Reside and ARCHIVED articles. The platform includes a web console that makes it effortless to add recorded information and handle are living streams. Publishing is finished in just couple clicks: customers can get immediate stream inbound links for 3rd get together gamers, or use the Uvault's common duplicate & paste responsive player code to play video on any machine from one single link.

Uvault supports up to 4K quality video clip, has a rich custom participant wizard, includes your own optional ad insertions, integrates with many social network sites, has an RSS feed generator, and provides developers with an intuitive API.

Another important feature of the Uvault Video clip System is its ability to help consumers use Closed Captioning for their Live and ARCHIVED streams. Uvault integrated its workflow with leading closed captioning vendors, making it straightforward and cost effective to insert closed captioning to reside streams and pre-recorded media documents. Closed captioning can be enabled or disabled by the viewer.

The Uvault Video Platform was designed for business enterprise use. Most of the company customers small to mid-size small business worldwide due to its "business oriented features" that include:

- Clean unbranded player posted on your site.

- Publish stay streams that have no time limit.

- Create lifetime inbound links that never expire!

- No annoying advertising commercials.

- No related videos to steal your audience away!

In addition, Uvault all-inclusive stream protection technology can limit access to content with geo-targeting rules, token authentication, or password authorization.

Uvault's offers 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA) and the ability to deliver up to 4K quality video to audience worldwide. The company is using the Amazon AWS cloud computing service infrastructure to distributes are living streams and media-on-demand documents to multiple regions across 6 continents utilizing the latest streaming technologies.

In summary: if you are looking for a small business oriented, reliable, budget friendly, and easy to handle streaming movie provider - go no further. The Uvault Online video System is the right right choice for you.

online video portal









Post by onlinevideoportal1q (2016-11-17 11:58)

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